Trico Constructions Newsletter December 2013

Master Builders Association NSW Construction Awards Gala Dinner

MBA Award small

Managing Director Kevin O’Shea and Project Manager Nathan Scarf accepting the Master Builders Award.

Trico Constructions were recognised for the continual achievement of excellence by being honoured with a Master Builders Award in the category of $3-5 million at the Gala Dinner hosted at the Sydney Convention Centre on Saturday November 2nd 2013.

The award was acknowledgment for dealing with the logistical and sequencing difficulties presented by ‘66 King Street – Charles Plaza’ in Sydney CBD. The award was accepted by Managing Director, Kevin O’ Shea and Project Manager, Nathan Scarf, who were quick to attribute the contribution of the entire project team, without whom, the success would not have been possible.

Judges Comments:

The builder demonstrated amazing innovation in delivering the project. This included the sourcing and manufacturing of bronzed patented brass ground floor shop fronts and tenancy store systems and matching new heritage related finishes with existing as well as tackling major structural modifications within a very confined site whilst levels 2-21 were fully tenanted. 

Zetland – Completed Project


In June 2013, Trico Constructions released our inaugural company newsletter and as part of this publication, we introduced a project in Zetland with a supplementary article examining the area as an investment opportunity.

Six months have passed and it is with great pleasure we announce the completion of yet another successful project. To mark the occasion, we have prepared some finished product photographs to showcase the quality and further reinforce the growing reputation of Trico Constructions within the industry.






2013: A Year in Review

New Staff to Trico Constructions


William Yi – Accounts Manager:
Having completed a Master of Commerce in the University of Sydney, and with over 5 years accounting experience working in the import/export and construction industries in Sydney, William possesses a wealth of knowledge and experience in large scale company accounting practices. William now manages all day to day accounting matters for Trico Constructions and has already significantly improved the financial operations of our company.


Jess Garcia – Assistant Business Development Manager:
Jess has come to Trico Constructions to fill a primary role of Customer Relationship Management and brings a strong portfolio of suitable proficiencies including interpersonal skills, collaboration techniques, workforce optimisation, client services, events management and large scale database management. Previous experience working with Hyland Financial Planning and Sydney Swans makes Jess an ideal candidate to join the Trico team and we are extremely happy to welcome her on board.


Gary Naude – Site Manager:
Constructing large scale infrastructure projects, including Government buildings and a 50,000 seater sport stadium, Gary has joined Trico Constructions with an equally large reputation. Working with a Tier 1 construction company for over 20 years, Gary has a wealth of experience working as a Site Manager. A proven track record in commercial, retail and residential projects has made Gary an ideal candidate to join the Trico team and we are confident he will have a lot to offer as we move forward.


Paul Marchesin – Site Manager:
Paul has 30 years of experience as a Senior Foreman with an extensive background in skilled carpentry and master craftsmanship specialising in high-end projects with proficiency in all aspects of the development process. Paul’s favourite saying is ‘not a problem’ and has a proven track record with outstanding results across multiple sectors. Paul’s passionate, professional approach perfectly fits with the Trico Constructions culture and we are delighted to welcome him as a new addition.

41739-hiresBlaise Strewe –Site Manager:
With an extensive background in commercial and residential refurbishment, Blaise has had over 15 years in the construction industry and has proven himself on projects of significant heritage value. Working on international award winning projects with world renowned architects, Blaise has continued to grow in reputation and we are delighted to welcome him to the team. With an ambition to eventually graduate to the position of Project Manager, Blaise is currently earning his stripes with Trico Constructions as a Site Manager and is already proving an extremely valuable addition to the company.


Daniel Haughey – Leading Hand:
An award winning apprentice carpenter with over ten years of experience, Daniel has worked on a variety of project types including Residential, Commercial, Refurbishment, Government and Educational. Daniel has joined our team to facilitate our Project Managers and Site Managers on large projects using his background and experience to assist with day to day operations, finishes and defects inspection and completion.

 Membership of Large Format Retail Association

In 2013, Trico Constructions joined the LFRA which encourages, develops and fosters awareness of and relationships within the large format retail industry, which accounts for over 20% of all retail sales in Australia. Membership of the LFRA signifies our growing involvement in the commercial sector and our commitment to further develop the interactions between Trico Constructions and some of Australia’s leading retail outlets.


 Implementation of Quality, Safety and Environmental System

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

  • Quality – 9001:2008:

As part of our company’s combined effort to better meet our client’s needs and expectations and to increase overall customer satisfaction, Trico Constructions has successfully implemented and operated a Quality Management System based on AS/NZS ISO 9001:2008 and have successfully completed all external third part certification audits required under the standards.

  • Safety – 4801:200:

Meeting our legal requirements under the WHS Act and Regulations 2011 is considered to be the absolute minimum requirement at Trico Constructions. As with our clients, Trico Constructions aims to exceed the needs and expectations of the legislation by implementing a Safety Management System based on AS/NZS 4801:2001 which is proactive and vigorously seeks to identify hazards and potential problems before they are given the opportunity to arise. This system has successfully completed all external third part certification audits required under the standards.

  • Environmental – 14001:2004:

Australia has a beautiful and unique environment and Trico Constructions have committed to promoting awareness of best practice techniques to maintain the environment, comply with environmental legislation and to ensure our business operations do not negatively impact on the ecosystem and natural surroundings. As part of this commitment, Trico has successfully implemented and maintained an Environmental Management System based on AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004 and have successfully completed all external third part certification audits required under the standards.


Lunch Events in 2013

June 2013


Tim Moore who holds the role of Technical Director of Planning at RPS discussed the NSW Government’s White Paper that is aimed at delivering a new planning system for NSW.


Vic Lilli, Principal of Vic Lilli & Partners talked about the legislative changes that affect every new development project in NSW from 1st March 2013, together with future proposed legislation changes.

September 2013


Thomas George MP – Hon Thomas George MP, Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly & Member for Lismore – a trip through private enterprise into parliament opposition and into Government.