Zetland as an investment – Phil Bartlett



Our second interviewee is Mr. Phillip Bartlett, an experienced and well respected property developer with an extensive background in investment opportunities.

Phillip is one of our valued clients and has selected Trico Constructions to complete the construction of a multi-million dollar, mixed commercial and residential development in Zetland with 16 townhouses and over 2,000 square metres of commercial and retail space.

Here’s what we asked Phillip.

Question 1:

What is your take on the Zetland Precinct and what it has to offer?
  • Position – Zetland is a prime location positioned centrally in an established growth centre.
  • Design – the design has evolved into a practical, buildable and bankable investment.
  • Quality of Architecture – the inclusion of the signature curved arch detail used by Popov Architects has lent weight to the credibility of the design by giving it a subtle yet easy to identify design characteristic.

Question 2:

What would you say are the driving forces that lead an area like Zetland?

Firstly, Zetland is in a central location in close proximity to the city and surrounding employment areas. There is also a good supply of public transport and the area itself is on course to develop further as it is a master planned subdivision which boasts ample parks, amenities and other services.

Question 3:

How do you see future growth developing in this area?

Almost the entire area is under construction or development which creates a very positive atmosphere and encourages potential buyers to have an increased level of confidence. I believe Zetland can become the benchmark against which other growth centres will be measured in the future.

Question 4:

What do you feel is the key demographic of the Zetland area?

There is a changing demographic from older to younger to the point that almost the majority could now be considered ‘young professionals’. The number of young professionals in the Zetland area are in the ascendancy, however, so far I would say there has been a healthy mix of investors, from younger to older.

Question 6:

What is your opinion on the Council application process based on your experience?

Everyone’s experience is different but I would say my experience has been excellent. I enjoyed a very good working relationship with Council with high quality urban outcomes.

Question 7:

How would you describe the contribution of the architectural firm to your project?

The architectural firm involved in this project has been essential to achieve the overall excellence of the project. Creativity, imagination and innovation are often promised but they are unfortunately not always realised. I feel the success of the project has been cultivated by Popov Architects and the benefits are there to be reaped by everyone, from developers, Local Council, existing residents and also potential investors.

Question 8:

What would you say are the top three things to remember when selecting an architect?
  • Quality – examining past projects gives an indication of the flair and creativity of an architect.
  • Experience – the greater the level of experience, the greater the level of confidence.
  • Affordability – in order to maintain a project’s feasibility, value for money is essential.

Question 9:

Have other members of the project team made equally significant contributions to the project?

I would not say all members make equally significant contributions but all members do make significant contributions. Finding the right balance and ensuring the right contributions are made at the right time is essential to ensure the project is a success. Our entire project team made valuable contributions throughout the project and the success of the development must be shared by all members.

Question 10:

In retrospect, is there anything you would change?


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